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The Non-Negotiable List – 20 Red Flags For Interviews

non-negotiable list

If you ever interview job candidates, you need a Non-Negotiable List. This list is used during the interview process to help identify “warning signs” that candidates aren’t a good fit for the organization or position. When a candidate shows one of these warning signs, he or she or they is/are no longer considered as a potential hire. We used a Non-Negotiable List quite effectively at my old company, curbing our turnover by over 90% in one year. The genesis of the list were the many occasions where on the heels of a new employee not working out (fired or ...

The Best Interview Questions for Virtual Jobs

Interview Questions

Finding good employees can be difficult. The challenge becomes even greater when hiring for a virtual role. When you don’t see employees every day, you have to trust they are working hard even though they’re unsupervised. As promised in my last blog, I’d like to share some of the best interview questions to help you effectively vet through the sea of job candidates and hire people with the greatest propensity to thrive and succeed in remote positions. More specifically, the interview questions that relate to the Four Characteristics for the Best Virtual Workers, as described in my last blog. General ...