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The Best Bosses Say These 9 Things

best bosses

Employee engagement is always greatly heightened by excellent communication. That’s why the most tremendous bosses use these 9 statements on a regular, and in some cases, daily basis. Start using these phrases regularly and watch your success as a manager take flight: 1. “Thank you.” As discovered when we did the key driver statistical research for my New York Times Best Seller, recognition is the number one driver of employee engagement. Furthermore, Millennials crave feedback and recognition. Make sure your recognition efforts are both consistent and meaningful. Your team members will really appreciate it. 2. “Regarding your career development, ...

5 Human Resources Predictions For 2017

Human Resources Predictions For 2017

In preparation for my upcoming keynote speeches in 2017, I spent a great deal of time this January researching the most prominent trends occurring, and burgeoning, in the Human Resources sector. As a direct outgrowth of this research, I thought it would be valuable to share the most likely continued trends and predictions in Human Resources for 2017. Here are the top five, in order of magnitude and strength: 1. Culture and Employee Engagement Will Continue to be the Top Priorities for Most Organizations The continued challenges with talent attraction and retention will keep Culture and Employee Engagement front and ...