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Why Culture Still Eats Strategy for Breakfast (and maybe lunch as well)

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Peter Drucker nailed it years ago when he spoke those famous words. In the last year, there were two thorough studies released showing employee engagement and culture topping the list as the number one challenge for organizations worldwide, one by the Society for Human Resource Management and the other by Deloitte. An overwhelming 87% of respondents believe engagement and culture were “important,” with 50% declaring the problem as “very important.” Furthermore, the “very important” responses doubled from two years prior. Fully two-thirds of the HR respondents said they are currently updating their engagement and retention strategies, for good reason....

7 Traits of Engaged and Successful Salespeople

Engaged salesperson

During one of my 79 keynote presentations last year, I was asked to describe the most important traits of engaged and successful salespeople. It was a great question that prompted me to interview hundreds of stellar salespeople and sales leaders over several months. The results came back with great uniformity and centered on seven key attributes: 1. They like to win. Competitive by nature, salespeople get intrinsic motivation by “making the sale” or winning the customer account. 2. They listen. Rather than pushing product or brochures at customers, they listen intently for customer needs or pain points. 3. They are ...