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The Power of Recognition

There are hundreds of millions of workers worldwide who feel unappreciated in their jobs and have not heard a “thank you” from someone for a very long time, if ever. This video illustrates the importance of, and best practices on, the number one driver of employee engagement: Recognition. Is your organization properly and fully leveraging this key driver of engagement? Find out.

Recognizing Millennials

Millennials are a unique generation in the workforce for a variety of reasons, including their plans for staying with their current employer. Unlike other generations, Millennials aren’t afraid to pick up and leave a company if a better offer comes along. This new approach to career development has many managers scrambling to retain Millennials, but most don’t do the single easiest and most effective thing to engage these workers and entice them to stick around for the long haul. In just two minutes, this video shows you how to be a better boss for Millennials.

The #1 Driver of Employee Engagement: Recognition

Scientifically proven through Key Driver Analyses done by multiple employee research organizations, nothing beats recognizing employees for their hard work.  In partnership with the ATD, this video reveals:

  • The single greatest mistake organizations make vis-à-vis Recognition.
  • The three-step recipe for making Recognition efforts most impactful.
  • The importance of establishing a peer-to-peer Recognition platform

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