Speaker Training

The Coach Foundation has identified Kevin as one of the premier Public Speaking Coaches in the industry.

Kevin Sheridan has spent over 37 years doing paid public/keynote speaking.  Last year, he had 121 bookings for conducting keynote speeches and workshops.  Needless to say, he has learned quite a bit about this very unique industry.  His current Net Promoter Score (likelihood to recommend him as a speaker) is 97%.

If you aspire to be a successful (and profitable) paid speaker, Kevin Sheridan can and will catapult you toward that success and profitability.

Coaching is broken into two categories: Speaking Performance and Speaking Career Management.

Speaking Performance:

Being a successful speaker starts with a great performance.  Kevin will view a video of one of your past keynotes or attend an upcoming keynote to analyze both your content and delivery.  He will then provide feedback on how you can take your presentations to the next level, enabling you to book more engagements and increase your speaking fees.  This valuable feedback and coaching will cover, but not be limited to, the following:

  • The five key characteristics of successful speakers.
  • The five secret ways of overcoming speaker anxiety.
  • The 10 most common mistakes made by speakers.
  • How to immediately build rapport and engage an audience.
  • The five most successful ways to keep your audience fully engaged.
  • How and when to use humor.
  • The importance of storytelling.
  • How to effectively shape and leverage your story.
  • What to do before, during, and after your presentation to garner future speeches.
  • The seven effective strategies for closing your presentation in a positive and memorable way.

Upon completion, you will receive a formal certificate signifying that you have gone through Kevin Sheridan’s Speaking Performance Training.

Speaking Career Management:

What you do behind the scenes is almost as important as your performance. After delivering thousands of keynotes and workshops over the years, Kevin has learned the ins and outs of the industry. He provides unique insight that will help you improve your approach, strategy, and save you valuable time. Career Management Coaching can include the following:

  • Constructing the most effective media kit and list of speech topics.
  • Getting the most impressive testimonials, references, and endorsements.
  • The importance of writing a book, hopefully a best seller, which significantly elevates your chance of being selected.
  • Pricing your services strategically.
  • Marketing yourself as a speaker.
  • Keeping your name in front of people who can hire you.
  • Leveraging social media to garner your future speaking gigs.
  • Smart goal-setting: Identifying your most important goal for each speaking engagement.
  • Understanding whether working with speakers bureaus is right for you.
  • Creating Speaker Agreements, and the elements needed within them to protect yourself.
  • Explaining how to follow up with the event planner and participants post-event.
  • Illuminating the importance of video and a video real. Kevin will provide great samples.
  • The Big Reveal: the industry’s little-known trade secret. Should you view other speakers as your competition or not?


Kevin can also provide valuable templates and sample emails for communicating with meeting planners:

  • The speaker pricing quote email.
  • Sample Speaking Engagement Contract.
  • Email with the technical requirements you should always ask about for live events.
  • The post-event follow-up email.

Kevin prides himself in helping clients reach their goals. He is happy to serve as a reference for coaching clients when they are pursuing speaking engagements.

Learn more about Kevin’s speaker training services today by emailing us at: kevin@kevinsheridanllc.com

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