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Kevin has given many talks on topics such as employee hiring, managing, empowerment, and many more.


Testimonial from Harvard Business School

Kevin was a huge success at a Recruiter’s Conference held at Harvard Business School.


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Kevin was graded in the top 5% of speakers.


Assessing Engagement Levels

Workplace engagement is a complex equation that requires collaboration between individual and company efforts. To be most successful, individual employees must understand their own personal levels of engagement and how to take more active ownership to improve. By helping employees understand what personally engages them, your company can develop a more comprehensive and successful engagement strategy. This self-engagement assessment provides the necessary tool for individuals to assess their own engagement. Take the assessment today and find out where you stand. From there, share it with your coworkers and employees to encourage them to do the same and start a deeper conversation around engagement.

The Non-Negotiable List – 20 Red Flags For Interviews

If you ever interview job candidates, you need a Non-Negotiable List. This list is used during the interview process to help identify “warning signs” that candidates aren’t a good fit for the organization or position. When a candidate shows one of these warning signs, he or she is no longer considered as a potential hire.


The Best Bosses Say These 9 Things

Employee engagement is always greatly heightened by excellent communication. That’s why the most tremendous bosses use these 9 statements on a regular, and in some cases, daily basis.



The Employee Engagement Checklist: The 6 Steps Employees Can Take On Their Own To Increase Their Employee Engagement

Many employees know the “to-dos” of engagement, but they often forget to implement them, or execute them consistently. Share the following checklist with your employees to empower them to take ownership of their engagement.



The Manager’s Employee Engagement Checklist

This checklist will prove useful to ensure that your managers are fully leveraging the key drivers of employee engagement. The suggestions are in order of importance and based upon a Key Driver Analysis conducted off of an employee engagement survey database. It is a best practice that managers should review this checklist every month.



Career Development: Best Practices on the Second Most Powerful Driver of Employee Engagement

Use this resource to help avoid the career demise of Jim Halpert from the popular TV show The Office. Leverage these Best Practices on Career Development and you will be well on your way to achieving Best-in-class status on Employee Engagement.



Recognition: Best Practices on the Most Impactful Driver of Employee Engagement

Here is some background and tips to leverage the most impactful driver of Employee Engagement, that being Recognition. Start implementing and watch the outcomes flourish!



Reflections to increase your own job engagement

Studies have shown that employees who regularly “check in” with themselves about their job engagement are far more likely to improve their engagement and level of job contentment. Use this document to self-motivate, or motivate others, by regularly pondering the following reflective questions.



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