Human Resources Consulting Services

With nearly 35 years of offering human resources consulting services for industry-leading organizations, Kevin Sheridan is an expert on the unique challenges and opportunities affecting businesses today. His work in leadership, human capital management, and organizational development enable him to provide actionable advice that drives immediate and lasting change. Whether it’s a half-day workshop or monthly meeting with executives, Kevin Sheridan presents a customized approach, tailoring his content to meet your organization’s needs.

Expertise includes:

Employee Engagement

  • Building a Magnetic Culture: Leveraging each of the key drivers for world-class employee engagement
  • Management of employee survey programs
  • Establishing and encouraging employees’ ownership of engagement

HR Strategy

  • Hiring right; recruiting and retention
  • Pre-boarding and onboarding best practices
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Workplace culture
  • Leveraging fun in the workplace (an often missed key driver of engagement)


  • Leadership development
  • 360 leadership evaluations
  • Executive coaching

Virtual Work

  • Improving the employee value proposition through flexible work arrangements
  • Management of virtual workers
  • Training remote workers to increase their effectiveness

Leadership Development

  • Helping emerging leaders gain the skills they need to inspire excellence
  • Experience ranges from small businesses with just a few staff members to international corporations with divisions and teams scattered around the world

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