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The Language of Employee Engagement

language of employee engagement

Stanford professor Bernard Roth says purging two phrases from your vocabulary can make you more successful in work and life. Roth, who is also the Academic Director for Stanford’s Hasso Plattner School of Design, recently released a new book called The Achievement Habit, in which he suggests that a couple of linguistic changes can help you achieve greater success. His suggestions and exercises are in direct parallel with the positive philosophies that are most effective when building employee engagement. Two of the easiest vocabulary changes are as follows: 1. Replace “but” with “and” You might say, “I want to go ...

What Employee Engagement Means to Recruiters & The Staffing Industry


Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent with recruiters and staffing firms each year by companies trying to attract top talent to empty positions. The obvious hope on the companies’ part is that the recruiters will find the perfect person for the position and that the new hire remains fully engaged in the years to come. A natural question posed by the people holding the purse strings for recruiting is: Are we getting our money’s worth? I was invited to do a keynote presentation at the 25th Annual Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum later this month to answer that exact ...