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Working with Zombies: 3 Surefire Ways to Awaken the Working Dead

working dead

Several years ago, I got wrapped up in the TV Show AMC called “The Walking Dead.” For those of you who have not seen it, the show is about the world being taken over by zombies who savagely bite living people and transform them into fellow zombies. While doing keynote speeches at national and international conferences, I teach my audiences about the largest category of workers, which are people who are neither engaged or disengaged. Essentially, this inspired me to call these people “The Working Dead.” These employees: Are not likely to go the extra mile. Do not ...

The Top Three Reasons Employees Quit

reasons employees quit

You have seen it play out time and time again. Someone in the workplace says, “Hey, where is Mary today?” Someone else says, “Oh, she quit.” Or equally as common these days is when Mary just doesn’t show up for work one day. No notification, no resignation letter, and maybe no ID Badge turn in. The sad fact is that many of these resignations could be avoided by simply studying Exit Survey data and applying solutions to the top three reasons employees quit. While running my HR consulting firm from 1996-2012, we did a lot of research on ...