Top Five Benefits of Having Great Office Coffee

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Guest post from Olivia Moore, co-writer at Fourth Estate Coffee. 

Reaching the workplace through the rush hour traffic impacts your freshness. Feeling worn down before you even begin work is not an ideal way to start your day. Be it an imminent deadline or an important meeting, having a cuppa coffee is a great way to begin your day. Before you even take a sip of the coffee, the fascinating aroma that wafts from the cup gives your senses a soothing feeling.

While some may say that coffee can be quite addicting, it is important to note that when consumed in moderation, coffee has many health benefits as well. Having a good coffee machine at work is important. It is an inexpensive perk for the employees. Let’s go over the top five benefits of having great office coffee.

Drinking coffee boosts productivity

We are all aware that caffeine affects the brain in many ways. One of the most popular effects of caffeine is that it has the ability to make you feel less sleepy. It helps keep you alert, thus helping you boost your productivity by working with as much accuracy even in the late hours.

Coffee lifts your mood and helps you feel better. One of the effects of coffee on the brain is that it increases the levels of dopamine, thereby blocking the adenosine receptors. What is this dopamine? Well, simply put, it is commonly known as the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter. Dopamine is responsible for enhancing positive feelings as well as pleasure. Yes, you also want to know about adenosine receptors. Adenosine receptors cause the tired, lethargic and sleepy feeling.

Coffee consumption also offers other benefits such as improved memory and increased recollection. Caffeine heightens memory consolidation for almost twenty-four hours post the consumption. If you have a meeting coming up and you consume coffee after going over the key points, you are more likely to memorize them better and remember them easily even the next day.

Coffee boosts activity in the brain and brightens the overall mood

It is of utmost importance to working professionals, to stay mentally active all through the day. Especially so when such professionals are engaged in work that requires analytical abilities and concentration. In times like these, you can count on your cup of coffee to boost the brain activity. Caffeine, a component of coffee, keeps you alert and active all through your work day. Caffeine, a psychoactive substance is known for its ability to keep lethargy and sluggishness at bay.

Coffee controls multiple cognitive functions and is also a good mood regulator. Be it an impending deadline, or your boss, or just something that your work profile demands, one of the common feelings at such times in any workplace is stress. When you consume coffee, you will automatically experience a change in your mood. You will experience your stress going away. Caffeine aids in stimulating the production of various neurotransmitters such as noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters, also known as happy hormones, help elevate your mood.

Alleviates body pain and relieves tension

Sitting at your desk for long hours can lead to the muscles not getting much movement. This can cause body aches, especially in the back. Drinking coffee at the start of the day, and then at regular intervals, lessens the development of pain. Studies have also suggested that daily consumption of coffee can be a pain moderator.

At times the workload increases to an extent that it takes up most of your waking hours and then some more. This not only causes stress but also sleep deprivation. These are a perfect combination to cause tension in the muscles. When you are stressed, you will experience stiffness in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. After a while, these stiff muscles can cause pain and discomfort. Caffeine helps in reducing inflammation. Consuming coffee helps relieve tension and puts you back in gear.

Good coffee, good office

As an employer, a coffee machine may probably not count as a valuable benefit that you can offer. Sure, offering coffee alone may not be the only factor to attract new employees or retain the ones leaving. But you must bear in mind that offering good coffee can surely contribute towards creating good work-culture as well as a great work environment.

Employees may not consider being offered free coffee as a perk. However, the lack of a coffee machine is highly likely to be frowned upon by the employees. Treating the employees to a good cup of coffee might be a small gesture but is a necessary one. Employees are likely to feel more cared for. It also increases the level of happiness and satisfaction in the workplace.

Encourages conversations over coffee breaks

Though coffee packs in a lot of health benefits, its wholesome goodness is not limited to the cup. Coffee is a great conversation starter, which is why one of the best benefits of coffee is that it helps you socialize.

Research has shown that taking a coffee break can immensely help employees cope with office stress. Being able to gather by the coffee machine helps employees who feel tired and overworked form a coping community. Also, who doesn’t love a little tête-à-tête with their colleagues? Conversations over coffee help break the ice with new employees. It helps develop great interpersonal relations between the employees, thus strengthening their solidarity.

Studies have also shown that consumption of coffee enhances co-operative behavior. Coffee also enables people to express their negative emotions more openly. This leads to seeking support from colleagues and strengthens their bond.


Upgrading the coffee machine in the office and providing good coffee to the employees can help improve their productivity and work-life experience. It will definitely be an appreciated addition to the office. Splurging on a simple perk such as a good quality coffee machine/coffee service will go a long way when it comes to creating a good office environment and extremely productive staff.

Employees feel less weary after putting in long hours and are able to deliver beyond expectation. Taking coffee breaks together helps the employees bond and are able to cope better with the stress.

About The Author

Olivia Moore is an avid traveler, has a quest for music, adventure and is a coffee junkie. She co-owns and writes at Fourth Estate Coffee. She lives to travel and explore and can never say no to a well made cup of coffee.


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