Benefits, Take the Wheel! Six Ways Your Benefits Can Drive Employee Engagement (and Retention)

May 31, 2016 by

employee benefits communicationEver feel like your company is in a high-speed chase towards the elusive goal of employee engagement? Take a wrong turn and your competitors will beat you (and lure your top talent away). Go too slow and your employees will be bored, unhappy, and unproductive at work. So what’s a savvy benefits pro to do? Turns out, putting the pedal to the metal on your benefits communication strategy can help keep employees engaged and happy at work so they stick around longer.

I recently presented another well-attended webinar for SHRM, sponsored by Jellyvision, called Benefits, Take the Wheel! Six Ways Your Benefits Can Drive Employee Engagement (and Retention). If you missed the webinar, you can watch the archive here. (If you don’t have a SHRM membership, you can sign up for free.) Attendees were interested to learn simple and actionable steps for improving benefits communication to help employees understand all of the great things their company provides. This type of knowledge sets a strong foundation for employee engagement and retention.

I’d also like to share complimentary access to the Ultimate Benefits and Open Enrollment Communication Playbook.

Enjoy and please feel free to forward these resources to the people responsible for benefits at your company.



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